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Join the Outlaw Rugby Club and become part of a legacy that extends beyond the rugby pitch! Founded in 1980, the Columbia Rugby Football Club, known as the Outlaws, is more than just a sports team; it's a vibrant community that values camaraderie, personal growth, and inclusive competition. Our club is a melting pot of diversity, welcoming players of all backgrounds, sizes, and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the sport, there's a place for you here to learn, grow, and excel.

At Outlaw Rugby, we believe in the power of teamwork and mutual support. Our training sessions, held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the scenic Gans Creek Recreation Area, are not just about honing skills but also about building enduring friendships and a supportive network. As part of the Men’s Mid-America D-III Conference, you'll experience the thrill of competition, the joy of teamwork, and the satisfaction of personal achievements.

But it's not all about what happens on the field. Our club is grounded in core values that resonate off the field too – accountability, reliability, community, integrity, and an active lifestyle. These principles guide us in fostering an environment where everyone is encouraged to be their best selves, both in the game and in life. You'll find that being an Outlaw means being part of a family that pushes you to excel, supports you in your endeavors, and celebrates your successes.

So why wait? Join the Outlaw Rugby Club today and embark on an extraordinary journey. Experience the adrenaline of the game, the warmth of our community, and the pride of wearing the Outlaw jersey. Here, every pass, every tackle, and every try is not just a play; it's a step towards becoming a part of something bigger – a team, a community, a family. Come, be an Outlaw, and write your own chapter in our rich history of sport, friendship, and excellence.

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Pay Your Dues - Outlaw Rugby Program

Being a part of the Outlaw Rugby Program is not just about playing the sport; it's about contributing to and being a part of our thriving rugby community. To maintain the quality of our program and facilities, we rely on the timely payment of dues by our members.

How to Pay Your Dues:

  1. Amount: $50 for Rookies Annual
    $200 for Player Annual
  2. Deadline: Ensure your dues are paid by your first match to continue enjoying uninterrupted access to our facilities, training sessions, and matches.
  3. Payment Methods: We accept payments through our website, via PayPal, or by check
  4. Online Payment: Visit the link below to pay your dues online quickly and securely.

Remember, your dues go towards the upkeep of the club, equipment, facility rentals, and other expenses that ensure the best possible experience for all members. If you have any questions or need assistance with payment, please contact [provide contact information].

Thank you for your commitment and support to the Outlaw Rugby Program. Your contributions help us grow and provide an exceptional rugby experience for all our members.

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